Design Thinking and Leadership by Tiffany Apatu

Hello. I’m Tiffany.

I’m an experienced design professional with more than 21 years in product design, strategy and leadership.

I love collaborating and working with people, creating things that people love and need. As a creative leader, I’m driven by clarity, creativity and collaboration and specialise in:

  • Creative Leadership
  • Design and Product Strategy 
  • Customer Research and Experience Design
  • Interaction and User Interface Design
  • Design Thinking techniques
  • Creative Direction


2015 - Now
AVP @ PCCW Global
2010 - 2015
Head of Digital @ Flight Centre
Senior UX Consultant @ PeakXD
2007 - 2010
Customer Experience @ Virgin Australia
2004 - 2007
Online Customer Experience Advisor @ Suncorp

I lead a global team of talented product designers for PCCW Global: a global connectivity and technology company. Console Connect is our constantly evolving flagship product. It is the work I am most proud of and has provided the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my career.

Nimbus Design System

January 10, 2022

Console Connect Help Center

December 20, 2021

Intro to Design Thinking

August 2, 2021

PCCW Global Team

February 1, 2021

Console Connect website

January 31, 2020

Console Connect pricing map

November 19, 2019

Console Connect app

January 30, 2018

byojet flight bookings

January 24, 2018

My Design Fundamentals


“People ignore design that ignores people”. Frank Chimero
Understand people’s needs, motivations, pain points and limitations. Focus on what they want and need, and the rest will come.

Simplicity, in context.

“Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.” Albert Einstein.
Don’t get in the way of what people need to know, understand or do. Design should be clean and simple (as it needs to be).

Accessibility as opportunity.

Accessibility is not only our responsibility but an opportunity. Approach it with positivity: access plus ability. Remove barriers and solve problems in interesting ways.

Always communicating.

Design is constantly communicating. Everything matters and has meaning: the big things, the little things, what is said and what isn’t.


Don’t distract from purpose but always look for opportunities to delight in designing things that people love.

Work hard.

Great Design comes from patience and hard work, not luck, not a flash of genius.

My Creative Leadership Principles

My mission is to build, grow and empower creative teams to thrive. I nurture a culture of collaboration and continuous learning that enables high performance and creates value for the business. Learn more about my Creative Leadership Principles.


  • Clear of purpose.
  • Clear on my role: to empower others.
  • Clear about whom I serve.
  • Clearly driven by values.
  • Clear about who I am.
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  • Nurture a beginner’s mindset.
  • Take risks, fail fast, and learn faster.
  • Live and breathe design thinking.
  • Lead with a strong point of view.
  • Have fun.
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  • Together, we are better.
  • Empower designers and Design.
  • Encourage cross-functional teams.
  • Lead alongside, at eye-level.
  • Be humble.
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Tiffany really understands how to run collaborative projects, especially by managing the people that participate in them. She provides excellent guidance and structure, while ensuring that team members have freedom to articulate new ideas and solutions. She understands how usability maximises value to both the user and the organisation and is an asset to any user experience project.

Christopher RoosenCollaborative know-how

Tiffany is highly creative and developed practical online solutions meeting both customer and business needs. Tiffany brings a unique perspective to the areas of usability, customer experience, business analysis and design. She is hard working and committed to getting the job done right…

James JohnsonCreative and hard working

Tiffany is an outstanding online professional with a high quality combination of online technical knowledge, design skills and management talent. She has exemplary skills in web design, user-centred design and processes, online writing, marketing and promotion, project management and internal and external stakeholder management.

Jane WoodleyWell-rounded skills