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Connecting the clouds with Console

Connecting the clouds with Console

October 8, 2017

Product Design for an Interconnection startup As enterprises increasingly move their business-critical applications and content to the cloud, they need safer, faster, more reliable access than the public internet can provide. …but seriously, where do we even begin? We were sold on a dream… the internet, but better. It might sound like a line from a Silicon […]

Console Design Team Tenets

Console Design Team Tenets

August 15, 2017

Originally published on Medium How we do things is important Like many (every?) Design team, as we stormed-formed-and-normed we sat down and workshopped through our team tenets. It’s really important to discuss and agree — together — what is important to you all as you go about your designy-things. Like in any relationship, teams need to put effort into […]

Bringing stories from people outside… inside

July 28, 2017

There are so many incredible minds and talents that inspire us as designers. For me, its a long list! One person right up the top of that list is Dr Genevieve Bell, the renowned Australian anthropologist who led user insights and experience for Intel from around 1998. I was fortunate enough to see her talk […]


Always design for people

Understand people’s needs, motivations, pain points and limitations. Focus on what they want and need and the rest will come.

Delight but don’t distract

Don’t let design get in the way of what people need to know, understand or do. That said, never miss a chance to delight…

Get lost in the detail

It’s the little things that will inevitably make or break a design. Pay attention to error handling, messaging, interaction subtleties, thank you messages and confirmations. No more ‘forgotten pages’.

Less is more, More is less

Put it out there

Everyone will have an opinion about design. So long as I am designing for people, I must respect, consider and act upon these opinions accordingly. Scrutiny is the key to succeeding as a designer. It’s nothing personal.



Collaborative know-how

Tiffany really understands how to run collaborative projects, especially by managing the people that participate in them. She provides excellent guidance and structure, while ensuring that team members have freedom to articulate new ideas and solutions. She understands how usability maximises value to both the user and the organisation and is an asset to any user experience project.

Christopher Roosen

Creative and hard working

Tiffany is highly creative and developed practical online solutions meeting both customer and business needs. Tiffany brings a unique perspective to the areas of usability, customer experience, business analysis and design. She is hard working and committed to getting the job done right…

James Johnson

Well-rounded skills

Tiffany is an outstanding online professional with a high quality combination of online technical knowledge, design skills and management talent. She has exemplary skills in web design, user-centred design and processes, online writing, marketing and promotion, project management and internal and external stakeholder management.

Jane Woodley