I build, grow and empower
creative teams to thrive!

My leadership mission

Why am I here, doing what I do?

  • To build, grow and empower creative teams to thrive.
  • To nurture a culture of collaboration and continuous learning that enables high-performance and creates value for the business.
  • To provide my teams with a sense of purpose so they are able to connect their work to something meaningful.
  • To ensure my teams know they are trusted and feel supported so that they can do their best, creative work.

My leadership vision

I aspire to:

Lead with a strong point of view and inspire others along a journey;

Be well respected as an empathic, people-first leader who delivers value;

Make my teams famous for being collaborative and customer-focused; and

Make people hungry to join and work with the teams that I lead!

My Leadership Principles

Lead with a strong point of view

Be visionary, inspire my team in new directions. Ensure mission and vision are clear and that the team has a way of connecting with them.

Clear is kind

Give fast, clear feedback. Remember that feedback not only leads to better outcomes, it presents learning opportunities. 

Protect my team

Protect from external pressures so that they feel safe, supported and able to do their best creative work.

Lead alongside

Be present, stay engaged and remain at eye level with the team.

Ask more questions

I don’t always have the right answers, but I can always ask great questions. Remain curious and approach things with a beginners mindset. 

Protect myself

Say no more often, don’t overcommit. Deflect rather than absorb some of the external pressures. Make space to reflect and renew. My team deserves me at my best.

Have fun

We spend a large part of our daily lives together – enjoy it. Being creative is part of who we are – celebrate it.

Take risks, fail fast, learn faster

Hypothesize and experiment to get to better solutions, faster. Don’t be afraid to fail.

Be me

I have a unique skill set and perspective. Remain my authentic self and don’t let go of my values and my mission. I am a work in progress.