I build, grow and empower
creative teams to thrive!

My leadership mission

Why I do what I do.

  • To build, grow and empower creative teams to thrive.
  • To nurture a culture of collaboration and continuous learning that enables high-performance and creates value for the business.
  • To provide my teams with a sense of purpose so they are able to connect their work to something meaningful.
  • To ensure my teams know they are trusted and feel supported so that they can do their best, creative work.

My leadership vision

I aspire to:

Lead with a strong point of view and
inspire others along a journey;

Be well respected as an empathic,
people-first leader who delivers value;

Make my teams famous for being
collaborative and customer-focused; and

Make people hungry to join and work
with the teams that I lead!

Creative Leadership Principles


Clear on purpose.

I must be clear on my own purpose, what drives those around me and how this all relates to the purpose of my company.

Clear on my role: to empower others.

I am here to create an environment for others to flourish, help them realise their potential and achieve the purpose: their own and our company’s.

Clear about whom I serve.

I’m here to serve my team: immediate and extended. I listen and understand what people need to do their best. I’m also here to drive and deliver on my company’s vision.

Clearly driven by values.

What’s right isn’t always straightforward. I hold strong values for myself, build and nurture strong values with my team, and recognise when actions don’t align.

Clear about who I am.

Be my authentic, whole and best self. I openly share my emotions in a way that is helpful to others.

Creative Leadership Principles


Nurture a beginner’s mindset.

Don’t judge; question everything. Be curious and genuinely listen. Create space for new ideas.

Lead with a strong point of view.

Be visionary. Inspire my team in new directions. Ensure mission and vision are clear and that my team connects with them.

Live and breathe design thinking.

Promote and enable both the process and mindset of Design Thinking to stimulate collaboration and innovation.

Take risks, fail fast, and learn faster.

I create a safe environment where people can hypothesise and experiment to get better solutions faster. I, and those around me, must be unafraid to fail but also quick to learn and adjust.

Have fun.

We spend a large part of our lives together so let’s enjoy it. Being creative is part of who we are and is something to be celebrated.

Creative Leadership Principles


Together, we are better.

I genuinely believe that we can achieve more as a team, and it is my role to create an open, safe and playful environment in which collaboration can thrive.

Empower both designers and Design.

Designers thrive most in a company that values Design. My role is to lead Designers and build Design Thinking habits across the company so that we can solve a vast range of problems through Design.

Encourage cross-functional, agile teams.

Bringing together people with different perspectives and experience is a beautiful thing. It stimulates systems thinking and provides a platform for innovation.

Lead alongside.

Be present, stay engaged and remain at eye-level with my teams.

Be humble.

I don’t aim, want or need to be the smartest person or best designer in the room. I encourage people around me to speak up and share ideas. I respect different opinions and champion the best ideas regardless of where they come from.

When things go wrong, I admit and own my mistakes. When things go right, I turn the spotlight on others.