Introduction to Design Thinking

Training course design and production

I designed and delivered a video course to introduce people across my company to the concepts of Design Thinking. There are 4 videos in total that combine for approximated 3 hours of training. Here is a sneak peak at the intro.

I follow up the videos with an interactive workshop in which we practice interviewing, active listening, brainstorming and a simple journey mapping exercise.

Slide examples

A random handful (of hundreds) of slides from the courseware I created.


I follow up the training videos with a workshop to encourage people to have a go at a simple, condensed Design Thinking flow.

We being with a recap of some key concepts. I give the group a scenario in which they work for an electronics retailer and have one of my teammates interview me about my own, real experience buying a webcam.

Interview & empathy map

(Quick) persona

Journey map