Gap Year is a vibrant, fun and exciting brand that needed a website to match. We were briefed to address only the look and feel of the website and had license to develop a new logo and colour palette. before and afterMajor problems with the existing design:

  • Design does not match the brand
  • Uninspiring, dull
  • Non-prioritized content and actions – it isn’t clear what the site is about or what you can do
  • No clear value proposition for new visitors to the site

The main restrictions and challenges were to:

  • Incorporate existing third party advertisements in same size and placement
  • Appeal to all ages as Gap Year is not just for teenagers!

So I set out to create something that:

  • Inspires people though colour and imagery
  • Makes sign up clear and easy
  • Communicates what the site is about and why people should join
  • Prioritises community components redesign

The new colour palette is fresh, modern and appealing to all ages. The tilt of the logo creates informality whilst the silhouetted figure stepping off the edge represents possibilities, the unknown and a sense of ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’.

Gapyear corporate id - logo design and colour palette

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