UX & Creative Direction 2015

UX & UI Design – Nafisa Sabu, Laura Van Doore & Akiko Williams

The “Flights to…” pages are the heroes of the Flight Centre website. With great traffic, they drive conversion to both online bookings and in-store sales enquiries. With seperate experiences for organic/SEO and paid/SEM traffic, they had always been treated as a commodity. We saw these pages as untapped opportunity – not only in terms of immediate conversion – but a way to greatly improve our Customers’ experience with our Brand.

Customer research, design thinking and workshopping led us to really understand what could make these pages valuable to our Customers. They wanted to see choice and understand their options but not be overwhelmed by just a long list of flights. People wanted tips and tools to help them make the right decision – to find the best fit for their needs.

Whilst price is always a factor, we wanted to educate customers on the choice in features and value available to them. From a Business perspective, we wanted to really showcase the Flight Centre brand proposition as The Airfare Experts.

Evolving the flights user experience from this…


to this…


The process

Competitive research, Customer interviews, Consultant interviews and behavioural analytics drove a program of ideation, prototyping and testing.


The Result!

Clean and prioritised tools and content to support Customers at any phase of their research to booking process.



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