Iterative Design 2011

The brief was to identify the low hanging fruit – or how to make some quick changes with big impact, to improve the click-through and conversion for Cruiseabout. A quick heuristic review and Clicktale analysis of some key pages within uncovered a few significant usability and design issues. You can read the full report but here is a quick summary.

Homepage issues

  • High contrast duo-tones (red and blue) created a lot of visual noise making it difficult for users to know where to look with so many competing elements.
  • Animated promo slider was too quick and distracting.
  • Too much text on homepage pushed product below the fold, a big price to pay for content that is rarely read. At resolutions of 1024 x 768 (19% of users for this site) all product was below the fold.
  • Product search (Cruise Deal Finder) was not in a prime position. Clicktale showed that it took users an average of 25 seconds to click into the search form.
  • Generic product images and no sense were not inspiring people to click on products.
  • Issues with search functionality and product taxonomy.


Product page issues

  • Overwhelming amount of visual information created noise making it difficult for people to focus.
  • Price was located too far from product information.
  • Prices too far away from descriptions on itinerary tab making them difficult to line-up.
  • Cruise Itinerary is easily missed.
  • Too many competing calls to action are confusing and distracting.


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