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Information architecture

UI design



Video production

We are a lean team, operating like a startup within a large enterprise. This provides us with the challenge and opportunity of using our talents in all sorts of ways. Most recently, I wrote, produced, and even narrated some help videos.

Clean, simple, on-brand.

Thoughtful content

Poor old help. It’s usually the last thing to get done and is pushed out the door as features hit production. Just because it is in the Definition of Done, doesn’t always mean it gets done the way it should!

We are making a big effort to shift this mentality and habits. In addition to how we write help content, we are also using more diagrams and flows to communicate concepts.

Helpful wayfinding

Global nav, left menu, sub-navigation, dropdowns, flyouts, top-most-right-corner-between-search-box-and-help-icon… don’t assume people will just “get it” when you tell them to go somewhere. Be helpful and show them!

Super clear

Assume nothing. Be really clear with users when they might need to do things outside our platform. It’s always good to give them an overview rather than slowly revealing when they need to check email or use a different system.