I’m Tiffany and I design things.

I am passionate about designing for people. I love to explore how and why people use things. I love trying to find a better way, a new opportunity… I’m currently Product Design Director for a disruptive Cloud Interconnection company.

Connecting the clouds with Console

Connecting the clouds with Console

Posted by tiffanyapatu on October 8, 2017 in ux

Product Design for an Interconnection startup As enterprises increasingly move their business-critical applications and content to the cloud, they need safer, faster, more reliable access than the public internet can provide. …but seriously, where do we even begin? We were sold on a dream… the internet, but better. It might sound like a line from a Silicon […]

Console Design Team Tenets

Console Design Team Tenets

Posted by tiffanyapatu on August 15, 2017 in ux

Originally published on Medium How we do things is important Like many (every?) Design team, as we stormed-formed-and-normed we sat down and workshopped through our team tenets. It’s really important to discuss and agree — together — what is important to you all as you go about your designy-things. Like in any relationship, teams need to put effort into […]

Bringing stories from people outside… inside

Posted by tiffanyapatu on July 28, 2017 in ux

There are so many incredible minds and talents that inspire us as designers. For me, its a long list! One person right up the top of that list is Dr Genevieve Bell, the renowned Australian anthropologist who led user insights and experience for Intel from around 1998. I was fortunate enough to see her talk […]

Design Leader ≠ Lead Designer

Originally published on Medium I was recently asked if a Design Leader had to be a Designer. The answer is yes, absolutely. But do you need to be the best Designer? No. In fact, I argue you should not be the best. Aim to be the worst designer in the room Anyone directing or leading a […]

Design quotes

“The first stage of learning is silence; the second stage is listening.” —Māori proverb “The only thing worse than not engaging with your users is… pretending you are.” —Tiffany Apatu =) Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected. —Steve Jobs Almost all quality improvement comes via […]

The Next Web New York

I’ve just returned from TNW (The Next Web) in New York. Despite being in a freezing building (-1 degree!) that was under construction with portaloos, I heard stories and opinions from some great speakers including the technologist David Weinberger, co-founder of Behance Scott Belsky, Neil Blumenthal of Warby Parker and data scientist Hilary Mason. Here […]

Insights, not numbers

“we must move from numbers keeping score to numbers that drive better actions” David Walmsley Marks & Spencer

on fun

“You can’t make something fun that isn’t!” Ian Bogost, game designer

What the fun?

“Gamification” is a term both overused and misused. It seems that many people don’t really understand what it means. Admittedly I hadn’t given it much thought until today during a great presentation by game designer Ian Bogost entitled simply “FUN”. “You can’t make something fun that isn’t”, he says. It’s a resoundingly simple, obvious (yet […]

MX 2012 : Notes from the keynote of Dr Genevieve Bell

MX 2012 : Notes from the keynote of Dr Genevieve Bell

At the recent MX Conference in San Francisco, I was fortunate to hear Dr Genevieve Bell share stories and lessons learnt from her 13 years working in User Experience for Intel.  A social scientist and anthropologist, she seemed intimidatingly intelligent. As a bunch of 13 syllable words flew over my head, I was drawn into […]

My first guest blog!

Well I do love my travel and today I had my first guest blog spot for Flight Centre Australia. Check out my practical tips for travel in the USA.

I love food and I love foodspotting.com

I love food and I love foodspotting.com

Yes Alexa, you have nailed it. Foodspotting.com is a visual guide to food. It isn’t like any of the other dime-a-dozen restaurant finder websites and apps. It is based on the dishes themselves and cleverly latched onto the trend of people snapping shots of their food and sharing it with friends. This is, i think, […]

From the mouths of babes

“It’s an iPad for grown-ups.” a 5 year old’s impression of the Mac Air



Key takeouts rom UX Week 2011 – San Francisco A few months ago I bought a book. Coincidentally, the author of that book was presenting a workshop at Adaptive Path’s UX Week in San Francisco. The book was Gamestorming by Sunni Brown. Now I did flick through the book and got some tips and tools. […]

The ‘what’ is important, but don’t forget the ‘why’

User Centred Design in conversion optimisation Today I presented at Interactive Minds on the role of User Centred Design in driving website conversion. It’s rewarding and ‘real’ to focus on analytics. There is a plethora of incredible tools to monitor traffic, pathways and bounces, where people are and aren’t clicking or scrolling and even how […]