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Connecting the clouds with Console

By ux

Product Design for an Interconnection startup As enterprises increasingly move their business-critical applications and content to the cloud, they need safer, faster, more reliable access than the public internet can provide….

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Console Design Team Tenets

By ux

Originally published on Medium How we do things is important Like many (every?) Design team, as we stormed-formed-and-normed we sat down and workshopped through our team tenets. It’s really important…

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Design quotes

By quotes

“The first stage of learning is silence; the second stage is listening.” —Māori proverb “The only thing worse than not engaging with your users is… pretending you are.” —Tiffany Apatu…

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Insights, not numbers

on fun

What the fun?

By conference

“Gamification” is a term both overused and misused. It seems that many people don’t really understand what it means. Admittedly I hadn’t given it much thought until today during a…

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